me (and you)

This page will eventually hold the copy about a favourite subject. Me.

It will be concise, straight to the point, and beautiful in its simplicity. It will mention my USP, I can draw. It will touch on my range of skills; concepts, art direction, design and storyboarding, for ad agencies, marketing departments, production houses and directors. It might even fleetingly talk about my award-winning photography I just do for fun. It certainly won't mention that I'm crap at body copy.

The words will do all that in a way that doesn't sound like I'm stuck up my own backside. But more about you (and the lovely stuff we can do together). There will be no spelling misnakes, the punctuation will be perfect, and you'll read it with an enigmatic smile... think Mona Lisa.

It's been by far the most difficult part of pulling all my crap together, and will happen one day soon, hopefully, maybe.


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